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#Georgia:The Magnificent Beauty: #Kazbegi

DSC_1164Let’s get started with the best stop of our Georgia trip; Kazbeği, a famous stop for the climbers for camping. This region was one of the places that made me thrilled about the journey leading me to take such a long way.

Kazbeği is located on the hills of Caucasus and you need to go through narrow, long ways. On some parts of the road, there is no asphalt; so you are having a really hard and tiring journey to reach Kazbeği. I would like to make an advanced warning; since the roads are spiral, you may feel dizzy. Be careful!

Despite all the difficulty you had to get there, the view is amazing and breath-taking. You are moving forward between giant mountains and filled with admiration to them by seeing variety of the colour green differing in hue. Then you see the natural waters coming down from the peaks of the mountains and wish to swim in such a hot weather.

There is nothing much in the centre of Kazbeği and you can assume as an undeveloped village. It is on the starting phase for the tourism activities. As we learnt people are coming here in winter for skiing. For accommodation, there are few big hotels beside 3 or 5 small hostels/pensions. We stayed at “Guest House Nini”, a small mountain house run by a lovely family. It is a place where you feel at home by using the kitchen as you want at comfort. By the way, depending on the agreement they serve your breakfast and dinner. They are sensitive people about cleanliness and good at preparing the table for you.

DSC_1255Since the place is on the mountain side, it is unbelievably cold especially the nights. Despite the summer we had a hard time; so I cannot image how it is in the winter. I did not see any heater in the rooms but possibly they are set in the winter as extra. Thus, remember to bring thick and woollen clothes with you.

A must-see place in Kazbeği is Sameba Church. It is possible to get there by going up an extra 2300 meters. As you wish, you can receive some information from the village and rent a 4×4 vehicle with a driver. There is only one-way road through the village. As you wish, you may choose to go on foot but I assure you it is going to be really hard and tiring.

DSC_1268.JPG_effectedAnd Sameba Church…Seems it does not belong to this world! It is located in an incredibly beautiful green area with animals on it, and stands grandiosely. Even the fog is unable to overshadow its stateliness. It is possible to take pictures of the church from different perspectives. We got there when the fog was intense. Took some pictures of the cows, and took a walk. There was an ensemble singing in the church but we could not see any priest. By the way, it is forbidden to take photo inside but video recording is allowed. Recording video is not my cup of tea, so I did not attempt at all. Inside of the church is small in contrast to its magnificent outlook. I did not spend much time inside because we had already visited many churches during our Georgia trip.

Just to see Kazbeği, you can go to Georgia. You feel at peace on the hills like you were in another world between the clouds. While the fog is shadowing you, you forget all unnecessary things and get relaxed. It is incredibly captivating. The photos already tell the story!

Seyhan Ahen

Translated by Emre Gökhan Şahin (@mrgkhnshn)


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